FAQs for Murder Mystery Weekend Parties

Please look at the following frequently asked questions to see if they answer your query. If your question is still unanswered please contact us so that we can answer them directly.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum numbers that you allow for your murder mystery weekends?
A. The minimum number for our murder mystery weekends in high season is fourteen. We may relax this slightly during the winter season. Please ask if this is a problem to see what we can do to accommodate your weekend. Unfortunately the maximum number that we can cater for as couples is 14 or 16 at a push. If there are children in the party or young family members happy to share we can take more. Please contact us for details.

Q. If I have less than the minimum number for my murder mystery weekend, can I still book?
A. Yes we are happy to have less than the minimum for murder mystery parties but they must pay the minimum hire charge for exclusive use of the hotel in high season. Please note that murder mystery games are designed for even numbers of players.

Q. What is the largest number can that take part in the mystery weekend?
A. The largest game we can obtain is only for 14 players. Some guests in groups in the past have either shared a role or simply come in an appropriate costume and taken part in interrogating the suspects throughout the evening.

Q. Some of our group are worried that they will spoil the murder mystery as they have never done one before.
A. There is no need to worry as this is not really possible. Each character has a script with questions and answers. We usually find that guests who were most nervous are improvising and getting into their role along with the best after a couple of rounds. The games are simply designed for everybody to have an entertaining evening.

Q. I am still getting the numbers together for my murder mystery weekend - can you reserve the weekend for me in the meantime?
A. Contact us and we will pencil you in and give you first refusal should anyone else show an interest in a weekend. We simply ask that you keep us informed of your progress so that we can release the weekend if your plans fall through.

Q. I am ready to go ahead, how do I book my murder mystery weekend?
A. You can book your murder mystery by paying a 25% deposit. The deposit can be paid by cheque made payable to Score Valley Hotel or by card. Unfortunately a small handling charge has to be applied for credit or debit cards.

Q. Having paid the deposit when do we pay the murder mystery party balance?
A. The balance for your party is requested one month before the weekend. In the case of a late booking we ask for the full amount to be paid as soon as possible.

Q. I want to inform the rest of my party about your murder mystery weekends - do you have any brochures?
A. We rely totally on the Internet for the marketing and promotion of our weekends. Most groups pass around our website address as a means of sharing the information.

Q. If I book the murder mystery weekend now and have to cancel what cancellation charges will apply?
A. We try to be as fair as possible. If we are able to relet the weekend to another group your deposit will be refunded in full apart from any administration charges incurred in taking and refunding the deposit. However if we are unable to relet the weekend you will be liable in law for the full amount of the weekend less the costs of any food and wages not incurred by us.

Q. Some members of our party have special dietary requirements - can you cater for these?
A. Yes, we are well used to catering for special dietary requirements and allergies as long as we are informed in advance of your murder mystery weekend.

Q. Our party want to do some activities during the weekend. How do we find out what weekend activities are available and how do we book these?
A. There are many exciting country activities to enjoy at centres close to the hotel. Please click here to find out more about the activities that you can enjoy during your weekend. You are advised to contact and book directly with these centres. Alternatively we can advise you of many places of interest to visit or scenic walks.

Q. Can we bring our own wine or drinks for our murder mystery party?
A. As we have a well stocked bar and extensive wine list we insist that we supply your wine and bar requirements for your weekend. If you have any special requirements please let us know in advance.

Q. Our party group may be arriving at the hotel at various times on the Friday night. Can you cater for them if some arrive late?
A. Yes we aim to serve the Friday evening meal at an agreed time for the majority of your group. We are happy to serve any late arrivals on trays in the bar.

Q. Our murder mystery party is for a special anniversary or birthday - can we put decorations up?
A. We have a selection of decorations and banners for special occasions that we are happy to put up for you or you can send us your decorations or balloons in advance.

Q. Can we bring our own celebration cake or can you provide one?
A. You are welcome to bring your own or please contact us to discuss how much you would like to spend and we can obtain an appropriate cake for you from a local baker.